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Why buying is better than hiring

Significant advantages to be gained from owning your own temporary fencing systems!Hiring temporary fencing is fraught with additional or hidden costs and inefficiencies!

Huge cost savings after only your first or second project

Extended use for long term projects

Flexible Usage - Have complete control over erecting or removing your fence when you require. Permanent fencing means you don’t have to worry about pick up or delivery and can arrange delivery when it suits you.

Designing components to your specifications - Use what you need when you need it!

Quality assurance

Rapid access and installation - Once you have experienced workers on your team, you can quickly relocate your temporary fencing on site as the need arises - no waiting, no installation problems.

No hidden charges or additional costs - No penalties for misuse, extension of loan period and no ongoing paperwork. When hiring, any damage you sustain can be penalised 300-400% of the component cost. If needed, we can supply small quantities as easily as large at our usual low rate within 24 hours.

It just makes sense to buy rather then hire in the long run!