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Frequent Questions

Can I hire RapidMesh Temporary Fencing?

In short, no, but the afforable nature of our products means you can purchase RapidMesh Temporary Fencing easily and it will pay for itself in no time.

What is Rapid Mesh Temporary Fencing typically used for?

Public Safety - temporary fencing can prevent site hazards such as debris, rubbish and site materials imfringing on commuter areas such as walk and road ways

Privacy - temporary fencing can help contain expensive site equiptment and restrict views of public for events and festivals

How much can I order?

RapidMesh can supply you with as little or as much as you need, we stock kilometers of fencing.

Can I install my temporary fencing myself?

Yes! Temporary fencing is very easy to install and once you've done it once you never forget.

Can I apply Signage or printed shade cloth to my RapidMesh temporary fencing?

Yes! Please ensure the correct bracing is in place under variable wind conditions. We are happy to provide you with advise on the best way to properly brace your fencing.

Can I buy temporary fencing for my pool?

Yes you can. Did you know that any excavation or structure capable of holding 300mm of water MUST be fenced? RapidMesh also has a range of temporary pool fence solutions to suit your requirements.

Does RapidMesh Temporary Fencing come with a guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 1 year waranty on fabrication.