Portable Animal Enclosure

The RapidMesh portable animal enclosure is lightweight, secure and easily transportable. It provides small pets including chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs with space to roam, while protecting them from predators.

  • Galvanised steel for durability
  • Escape-proof roof keeps your pets safe and secure
  • Two doors for easy access to care for your pets and to clean
  • Includes waterproof canopy for additional protection

Refer to the product disclaimer below for more information.

WARNING: Product is specifically designed for use with pets only.
– Do not rely solely on this product to contain your pet.
– Not suitable for dangerous dogs (refer to your states legislation for classifications of dangerous dogs).
– Not all pets can be trained for containment. It is not recommended to leave pets in an enclosure for long periods of time. / Read the instructions before assembly as incorrect assembly can be dangerous.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1120x600x1440
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour / Finish: Silver/Galvanised
  • Product Code: 100495
  • Bunnings I/N: 3440279
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